StrongVPN Forward NAT to local server (SMTP TCP25)

  • Hey guys,

    i'm not sure if anyone else does this or not, but I use strongvpn because they have open ports on all their openvpn servers and allow port 25 inbound and outbound. Before the upgrade to 2.4.0 / 2.4.1, I had StrongVpn configured to have a Gateway and interface. I could then allow firewall rules on this interface. The traffic was route able and I could force internal traffic on this interface. I could also port forward inbound ports on this to internal. After the upgrade to 2.4, I am unable to do this.

    Any thoughts as to why NAT'ing over OpenVPN is not working?


  • So After some digging, I think i found the answer… It is a routing issue.

    When on 10.8.x.x (Strong VPN's internal IP), When trying to access my internal LAN, It has 100% packet loss.

    I think i found the answer.


    I reconfigured the Outbound Manual NAT and got the routing issue fixed. It still looks like their is a port forwarding issue with OpenVPN on pfsnse 2.4.1

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