SG-3100 loss of access to interface

  • I purchased the SG-3100 and it seems like a very nice, well suited for my needs system…however, every couple of days, I lose access to the web interface.  Sometimes I get the nginx bad gateway error when trying to access it, and other times I get absolutely nothing except an SSL cert warning.  I have to pull the power to it and re-apply.  Once it comes back up, the interface works again as expected for a couple of days.

    I am on v 2.4.1-RELEASE (arm) and running DHCP, DNS, pfblocker and Suricata....and not much else.  I do have the acme package installed, but haven't done any setup on it yet.

    Couple of questions - Is there somewhere (maybe via cli) that I can find more verbose and more volume of logs than what is in the web interface after a reboot, so I can provide some better info, or solve the problem myself?

    Has anyone else experienced this, if so, any insights would be mucho appreciated!


  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    It sounds like you're hitting an issue triggered by DNSBL in pfBlockerNG that is being discussed on this thread. If you can ssh or console into the box, try to get a shell (or hit Ctrl-Z, then type /bin/tcsh) and run the commands in the post I linked.

    That is being actively investigated, but there still isn't a solid workaround that has solved it for everyone, other than editing out some stats tracking code for dnsbl or disabling dnsbl entirely.

  • Thanks Jim.  I will probably move back to pihole until this is fixed…hopefully soon, as I like being able to consolidate everything on my netgate.

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