OpenBGPD configuration issue

  • So I looked on sub forum, there is no forum for this package.  Hopefully someone here can help.  I'm new to configuring the OpenBGPD package in Pfsense (2.4.1).  It seems the package generate the bgpd.conf file by itself, yet when I try to start the service, it says "syntax error"?!  Here is the auto generated file:

    This file was created by the package manager. Do not edit!

    AS 65505
    fib-update yes
    listen on
    group "VerizonBackup" {
    remote-as 1111
    neighbor {
    descr "Verizon Backup"
    announce all 
    deny from any
    deny to any
    allow from
    allow to

    So I'm not sure why it would generate something by itself and yet it gives a "syntax error"?

    I'm trying to connect pfsense 2.4.1 to a Cisco ASR1000.  The configuration of the ASR1000 is as follow: (the configuration below is actually "my side" if I HAD use a CISCO ASR1000, so I just need to "convert" the following config into something OpenBGP would understand).

    router bgp 65505

    neighbor remote-as 1111

    default-originate route-map prepend
    prepend permit 10
    set metric 100
    set as-path prepend 65505 65505 65505

    Thank you in advance!

  • Nevermind I got it working, I guess that line "network" caused issue.  I didn't configure ANYTING in the GUI for that, so not sure why they generated a line that it knows is going to cause error… hope this would help someone if they ran into the same problem.

  • That config means advertise a default route and the correct syntax is

    network mask
    So you were missing the mask and also the entry for the default route.

    i_p route "IP Address of Default Gateway"_

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