How Configure Static PPPoE Client on WAN?

  • I've got my IP configuration form my ISP.  My usable IP and gateway, and my PPPoE login information.

    Due to a bug in 2.4.1, I updated to 2.4.2 DEVEL to get the interface working.  I'm still a little confused on how this is supposed to work.  I can't find a guide for PPPoE client configuration, only PPPoE server config.

    What I think I need to do:
    1. Interfaces->Interface Assignments->PPPs.  In here I need to make a new PPP and link it to my WAN port that is connected to my modem.  I enter in my PPPoE username and password provided by my ISP here.
    2. Interfaces->Interface Assignments.  Here I add a new network port by selecting my new PPPoE interface which is binded to my WAN port.

    This is the part that loses me.  I need to enter my static IP info.  By default, once I've create the interface, the IPv4 configuration is set to PPPoE, there's no way for me to enter my static IP info.

    If I change it to my static IP info, it breaks my internet connection.  My PPPoE interface under Status->Interfaces shows part of my static input, but my WAN port IP address which was acquired by DHCP

    Attached is some screenshots.  In the latter ones I set my interface to static and show the status of the interfaces so you can see what happens with the IPs

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