Testing the security of my pfSense setup

  • Hello all,
    Installing pfSense for my home system has been an uphill climb for me. I have followed various web guides and I now have it up and running with 2.41 software. However I am unsure as to the level of security it is providing. Is there some way to check my setup regarding the protection it is providing? There is a DNS leak test for VPNs, anything similar for pfSense?

  • nmap & zenmap

    Some tools
    Some more tools

    I would be set up pfSense, Snort as IDS and Squid as proxy and then try to get in contact from the outside.
    A good tool to start is nmap w/o zenmap for sure, also nessus will be nice a BackTrack can be used for that.

  • Thank you Frank for your advice, I will have a careful look at your suggested apps.

  • Rebel Alliance

    “However I am unsure as to the level of security it is providing”

    In what aspect?  Are you trying to control you users outbound access?  Are you wanting to look for bad traffic either inbound (that you have opened with a port forward) or your clients talking outbound to something or on your own network between vlans?  Like a infected client?

    Out of the box all unsolicited inbound traffic would be blocked.  To be honest if you feel that deployment of pfsense was an uphill battle… Advanced security features IPS/IDS is going more than likely just cause you grief other than any added security… There is a large learning curve on such systems.


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