DHCP ignores VLANs after 2.4.1 install

  • I have just done a 2.4.1 install - after an attempted upgrade showed me that my SSD was failing. (Replaced the disk.)

    The install was successful up to a point. I can assign VLANs to interfaces and enable them, but the DHCP server never shows any of them in the tabs, only the physical interfaces. This means that I can't use them as they have no DHCP resource. I have tried restarting the server and even cold-booting the firewall with no obvious change.

    Is this a known problem or have I missed a vital step somewhere?

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    Missing a vital step I'm sure. Paste your Interfaces > Assign Screen. And maybe one interface screen of an inside interface for which there is no DHCP server shown.

    Also check that the netmasks on the interfaces are set to a sane value and not something nonsensical like /32.

  • It was the netmasks wot did it.

    It wasn't clear - to me - what that netmask represented, so I left it at /32. After all, the interface only has one address, doesn't it? I suppose what it represents is the subnet that interface is connected to as well as the address of the interface itself. Changed it to /24 and all the VLANs suddenly appear.

    Thanks for the tip.

    Apologies for the late response, I have been rather unwell. The network(s) just about functioned without the use of VLANs but I do want to set things up properly. Again, many thanks.

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