Loss of connection after 8 hours

  • Hello, i need help. Loss of connection after 8 hours, need reconnect, after 8 hours it loses connection again.

    it works normally, it only needs to be recorded all day in the morning, does anyone know any paramenter for the connection to be permanent?

  • maybe your lifetimes are a bit messed up or the re
    try setting the lifetime of the phase1 to 86400 seconds (=24h). then set the lifetime of the phase2 to 43200seconds (=12h). next time the tunnel goes down, then we can easier figure out if its a phase1 or 2 problem.

    to make it automatically reconnect, you can also check if dead peer detection in phase1 is enabled.

    if the tunnel is down, can you check if the phase1 or only phase2 is down?

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