Notification e-mail for WAN down, shows green in web

  • Hello, in 2.3.4 Release I have enabled e-mail notifications, and I get many mails for WANs getting up and down, which are shown green in the front page. I have and as monitor IPs.

    Is this a real WAN disconnection?

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  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Check your gateways log, it will tell you what happened.

    It may be green by the time you see it, but it had to have some kind of event for it to trigger the notification.

  • Thanks for the reply, the issue re-appeared today.

    Here is the log of the WAN in question:

    Nov 27 14:35:08 dpinger: OPT4_WAN_DHCP_DHCP Clear latency 497157us stddev 968654us loss 0%
    Nov 27 14:34:14 dpinger: OPT4_WAN_DHCP_DHCP Alarm latency 517317us stddev 803024us loss 0%

    The mail messages stated that:
    _MONITOR: OPT4_WAN_DHCP_DHCP is down, omitting from routing group MainOut||OPT4_WAN_DHCP_DHCP|517.759ms|802.821ms|0.0%|down

    MONITOR: OPT4_WAN_DHCP_DHCP is available now, adding to routing group MainOut||OPT4_WAN_DHCP_DHCP|499.966ms|814.632ms|0.0%|delay_

    I guess the WAN was ommited due to high latency, which occurs when a line is really busy.

    Maybe change the latency thresholds (200/500)?

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