Q. Bandwith Management

  • Hello there, iam in the process to make a BETA a production firewall but i couln´t find anywhere how to do a bandwith assignment.
    First this is the escenario, mi ISP give me a 10mb connection, this should be the WAN connection.
    Now, iam goint to ad several servers to the DMZ (more exactly 4).
    The need is: i want to asign diferent bandwith speed to those server ex:

    Server1: 5mb
    Server2: 2mb
    Server3: 1mb
    Server4: 2mb

    That is the first step, then i need to define the multiple public ips available in the fw so i can bound services to specific public ips. ex:

    server1 ip: service http,https
    server2 ip: service sql,pop3,smtp

    And so on…

    Thanks in anticipated to ho ever dares to this freakconf :p

  • First run the shaper to get a basic config. Then create queues for all the servers with an upperlimit of 5,2,1,2 mbit/s. Add rules that assign each server IP to one of the queues.

    To get started "abuse" the voipqueue for one of the servers (enter the Server IP at the VOIP page when running the Wizard). After the wizard has finished uncheck the realtime and add an upperlimit instead to the created voipqueues. Also lowering the priority makes sense. Then create a pair of these rules for each of your servers. Apply the settings and reset states before you test your new config.

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