IPsec dropping VLAN traffic to only one site

  • This problem has me baffled . I just upgraded my firewall , I am on the newest version of pfsense, clean install. I recreated all my IPsec tunnels, to 8 different sites. For only one site, my VLAN traffic fails in one direction. The VLAN is a Voice VLAN , so the symptom with only 1 of 8 locations is I can hear them on the phone, but they cannot hear me, voice traffic is UDP. If I try pinging from that VLAN interface , the pings fail. Pinging does fail in the opposite direction as well.

    the other three non VLAN subnets all can connect thru the same tunnel without issue.

  • Solved  , I had a typo on the phase two on one side, for the VLAN subnet…...

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