Black Screen after update to 2.4.1

  • I have just updated to 2.4.1 from 2.3.4 via the web interface.
    Seem to go well but now the machine it is running on which is a laptop only shows a blank screen.
    From boot it shows laptop splash screen then nothing but a blank screen.
    I can still log in via web interface and still have internet etc so it's working.
    I have tried rebooting and get the same thing.

    Any ideas?


  • I see you have one post.. so you are new.

    But why is always need to ask people to put every information needed for the problem? can you just spit the specs of the machine/laptop? and the config of what you think is important?

    What version 2.3.4 you had (vga, serial, nano ….) and what version 2.4.1 you update, from the gui directly? have you try backup config and do a clean install of the 2.4.1 version? and maybe then restore config? What machine (specifically) you have (with CPU and GPU)?

    If you want help, you should help us with your problem. Should be cultural by now, i think. If you don't have replays don't blame the community.


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