Setting Up Second HD For Storage

  • I have been trying to use the V2.4.1 installer to format second hard drive. First time I tried, I could select second drive to format but in the end after completion there was an error. So, I took out the drive and wipe it cleaned then reformat on my Mac to MSDOS then try again to format to UFS with PFSense 2.4.1 installer. It recognized the second during boot process but ended of claiming it's not a UFS drive and disables the drive from the BIOS…so that further booting up of the installer, there is no recognition of the second drive...not even removing the BIOS battery and reinstalling allowed the second hard drive detection. I have to remove all SATA devices attached to the SATA ports, boot to the BIOS then shut down/power off the computer, then attached all SATA devices. That's the only way for all hard drive detection. BTW, the computer is an HP Pavilion a6242 with upgraded and unlocked BIOS.

    I had read, after search on how to format second HD, how one person found it easy to use the installer (in his case, it was an older CD installer). What's the official method to formatting a second hard drive for storage? I cannot complete the PFSense 2.4.1 booting as I am still waiting for the NIC to arrive.

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    Install pfSense, connect via SSH and follow the FreeBSD handbook:

  • @Grimson:

    Install pfSense, connect via SSH and follow the FreeBSD handbook:

    Thank you Grimson…I found that page also and realized I'll have to wait for the NIC to come in.

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