Trying to see 2 subnets from remote location but only getting 1

  • it's late, I'm tired.  I set up 2 pfsense boxes between two sites and got it working ipsec vpn.

    Side 1 - Work has 2 subnets I want to share and
    Side 2 - Home has 1 subnet I want to share

    So I followed a tutorial on Youtube and got the and the connected

    I then (here's where I should have just gone to sleep), added a 2nd P2 on the home pfsense box to include the network from work and it's not coming up.

    What have I done wrong? (besides not waiting till morning to try this).


  • I got it to work.  Amazing what 3 hours of sleep can do.

    Added a P2 on both sides pointing to each other and it came right up.

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