Boot Loop - Seriously?

  • Power Outage and Now a Boot Loop.

    Tried /sbin/fsck -y -t ufs

    No dice, reads as a clean system.  I am also getting the "random: unblocking device" error

    There were no configuration changes and the power to the device is on a UPS.

    Nothing else in my stack failed.

    Anyway, I am not really expecting any help, just the usual circular rage questions (how DARE you ask a question!) or a do loop of unfocused information requests that are the usual on tech boards, and usually go nowhere at all.

    But, on the off chance that this is a simple fix, and there is a helpful person out there who is emotionally stable, has good communication skills, and wants to help me out before I chuck this thing in the trash and use a remaindered ASA…

    Shame really.  It's a nice product for the price, just not hardened.  This is something that should never, ever happen.  Full recovery after an outage is pretty remedial stuff, honestly.

    The log of the boot loop is attached.

  • I'm sorry to hear that. The ufs filesystem has been a headache for numerous users over the years.
    (Although Personally never had an issue)

    Unfortunately there are no quick fixes if chkfdsk doesn't solve it.

    A) reinstall & import config backup.
    B) reinstall using ZFS-filesystem & import config backup

    Zfs is supposed to be more resilient.

  • Thanks so much!!  :)

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    Run fsck multiple times in single user mode.

    Alternately reinstall using the restore config.xml option there.

  • Thanks Guys, working…

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