Upgrading Firebox x550e 2.1.5 –> 2.3.5

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    I've had this Firebox running for a number of years now, and never got around to upgrading it to 2.2..  I remember there was something that went hairy with the storage or something on the Fireboxes and I didn't have a serial cable do what needed to be done at that time, and it hasn't been something I really thought about until now.

    My question is, is there still a hiccup that needs to be fixed via console if I upgrade directly to 2.3.5 or can I just do it from the WebGUI?  If it still needs to be fixed, can someone point me to the thread?  I definitely remember reading about it but I just can't seem to find it.


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  • Just..  Wow. Thanks for the great f'n support.

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