Easiest way to recover pfSense from a hard drive failure?

  • I've just set up my first 2 pfsense systems.  One is currently running on a Check Point 4600 appliance and the other on a Dell Optiplex i7 small form factor.

    I'd like to have a "backup" so an easy restore could be done if either of the HDD's crap out.

    I found the "backup" section in pfsense and have taken a xml backup (ALL minus RRD data).  What is RRD data and I don't mind an extra 4 megs if it is meaningfull.


    If the HDD were to totally crap out would it be as simple as re-installing same version of pfsense and restoring the backup and rebooting?  Brings me back to exactly where I was when I took the backup?

    After trying to make full android backups and finding it nearly impossible to create a system state backup, I'm shocked that this could be as simple as this.  Is it?



  • RRD is your graphs and charts. If you want to keep the history of your stats across installs add the RRD data when saving your config.

    Replacing a hard drive is trivial if you have your config backed up. Perform a clean install and restore your config.

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