Trying to fresh install and getting nothing but hangs or crashes

  • This is my first attempt to make a pfsense box and it is giving me a hell of a time.

    Trying to install through a USB to an old HP compaq with 4GB of RAM, a Core Duo, and an 80GB HDD. I'm using the .img file and if I use the VGA version it starts booting with the line of text:

    /boot/kernel/kernel text=0x16f49e0 data=0xb66758+0x4cf968

    from there it either glitches and reboots the computer or freezes outright.

    I tried the serial release (wasn't sure what the difference was) and it goes all the way through detection of devices before throwing:

    random: unblocking device

    And stopping.

    Rather new to the PFSense program so any help would be greatly appreciated.

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