DHCP not working

  • We had problems with a 32 bit pfSense where the dhcp service did not give out any address.
    So I took another machine, 64 bit, and installed the latest stable version 2.4.1.
    The machine has 3 ethernet connections, 4 vlan's and openVPN installed.
    The 3rd interface is a separate network.
    In the DHCP log file there are lines that on the vlan's the service is started listening, but no address is given out.
    But no entry for the 3rd interface that the DHCP is started there.
    WAN and LAN have fixed ip addresses, DHCP disabled. On all the other interfaces DHCP is enabled and a scope defined.
    If you look in the dhcpd.conf file the interfaces are defined.

    At home I installed on a pc with 3 interfaces pfSense 2.3.latest (32 bit machine) and created 2 vlans.
    I did not install openVPN. There a pc on the 3rd interface did get a DHCP address. I could not test vlan's as I don't have a switch
    with vlan capability.

    What can I do to get DHCP running? I am a bit out of options.

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    If dhdpd is running - did it ever see a dhcp discover?  It would log seeing the discover.. Or sniff are you seeing any discover?  With the right vlan set, etc.

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