PfSense 2.3.4 Interfaces Offline / Menu Errors

  • Hi,

    Yesterday I needed to power down my VM instance of pfSense, on powering it backup I was unable to access any of the interfaces etc.  Arp has not entries and when I ping from the shell it says no route to host.  The interfaces are reporting as up but when you try and use any of the console menu options (1/2/5/6/15 etc) it errors with a number of different messages. (shown below)

    Call Stack:
    1. {main}() /etc/rc.banner:0
    2. require_once('etc/inc/') /etc/rc.banner:56
    3. require_once('etc/inc/') /etc/inc/
    4. require_once('etc/inc/') /etc/inc/
    5. require_once('etc/inc/') /etc/inc/functions.rc:171

    As I have no network access I cant export the config.xml.  On boot up there are some errors about a package upgrade -

    pkg-static: Warning: Major OS version upgrade detected. Running "pkg-static install -f pkg" recommended

    I've tried this but unfortunately as there is no network access this fails.

    Does anyone have any suggestions on how to fix this and/or export my config.xml (without internet access) and restore to a new 2.4.1 instance?


  • As many others : this looks like a VM that isn't set up correctly.

    Btw : the advantage of a VM is that you can browse the file system easily. So what about retrieving /conf/config.xml ?  ;)

  • Oh right, id followed all the guides and it'd been running for years ok (freebsd 64bit). Do you have any suggestions on what may need looked at?

    Will try and mount the vmdk to grab that config as a last resort

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