Configuration Problem Prod-DEV Subnets

  • Hello,

    at first I have to mention, that I'm not good in networking topics, so I beg your indulgence.

    I want to set up a network, that consists of 2 subnetes - one for productive and one for development purpose.
    Picture see attachemets.

    My requirements:

    • Subnet 192.168.0.X should work without pfSense; Computers in 192.168.0.X are configured with the router as gateway.
    • I want to access from Subnet 192.168.0.X all computers of Subnet 192.168.1.X and the other way around.
    • Computers of Subnet 192.168.1.X can join the Domain on DomainController &
    • a VPN can access both Subnets
    • pfSense should run as a virtual Machine on Hyper-V

    What I tried so far:
    Configured pfSense as WAN (,LAN( and disabled WAN blocks - So I could access 192.168.0.X from 192.168.1.X and from 192.168.0.X but not the other VMs in 192.168.1.X.

    Can you give me some advices how to configure it.

    Thanks in Advanced.
    BR Eky

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