Problem to reach PFSENSE from another LAN.

  • Hello everyone,

    i installed a new Pfsense on my LAN, but i have some probelms.

    As you can view on the attachment, I have one LAN (10.160.99.X) where i installed
    pfsense and all the client in this LAN surf perfectly on the web through PFSENSE.

    But, as soon as i changed the setting for the proxy on the client in others LAN, i discovered
    that couldn't surf the web, and i checked that from a client, for example,
    i can't even ping the PFSENSE (

    Obviously, the others LAN can communicate with the LAN
    where PFSENSE is installed since years ago. The only machine that it's impossible to reach
    is PFSENSE.
    I talked with the network administrator, but he told me that wasn't a routing problem in the architecture of the LAN.

    Anyone can suggest me where i can start to toubleshoot the problem?
    I have to make some work in my PFSENSE to permit the dialog between the LAN outside
    and the LAN where is installed PFSENSE?

    I'm newbie and i can probably have made a gross mistake.

    Tank you! ;D

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    Unlocked the topic. I'm not sure who locked it, it was probably done in mistake. Thanks!

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