Xeon D-1521 board compatible?

  • I have the following board and want to upgrade my current pfSense box to use this board for better VPN throughput.  Are there any issues with this board as I have read some past posts about some Xeon D boards causing system crashes?


  • X10SDV-4C-TLN2F

    I would say from what I was reading here they will perform very well together with pfSense.
    Intel TurboBoost
    Intel Speed Step
    Intel Hyper Threading

    But no Intel QAT and not supporting DPDK, and so I presonally would wait at this moment a little bit
    until Q1/2018 perhaps if you can do it! That´s because then we will see the newer Intel Xeon D-15xxN
    product line and they will be coming together with Intel QAT, AES-NI and supporting DPDK such the Intel Atom
    C3000 series will do also now, but is not fully driver supported.

    Xeon D-15xxN is not really launched and available on the market
    C3000 is not fully supported by pfSense now

    So if you can wait I would be waiting one or two month.

  • Waiting is not an option as I already have the board in another system.  It's between the Xeon D-1521 board or an ASRock Rack board with an i3-6100 as I have both in my possession.

    I'm not as concerned about the CPU performance though as I am the NIC compatibility and possible crash issues that others have had with the Xeon D boards in the past.

  • @JimPhreak:

    Waiting is not an option as I already have the board in another system.

    There's no reason to wait. The person you're responding to has a habit of posting confusing and incorrect advice.

  • I have been using a Supermicro Xeon D-1518 based board with pfSense for about 8 months now and have had no issues (starting from 2.3.3 all the way to the current 2.4.2 version).


    Hope this helps.

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