Pkg issues updating 2.3.4 –> 2.4.2 (worked around it)

  • updated 5 systems tonight.
    all of them had issues with updating: they didn't find 2.4.2-release / they either found 2.4.0 or 2.4.1 or even only 2.3.5
    i tried changing firmware branch back & forth (update/settings), but that didn't resolve the issue.

    most of it was solved by doing

    pkg update -f 
    pkg-static update -f

    and then updating from console
    1 of the boxes didn't finish the upgrade properly: ssh to box didn't show the /etc/initial menu. after starting it manually & doing another console update it was sorted.

    the old (static/full) update system was less dynamic but it sure was more stable for me. am I doing something wrong or are there issues (in some cases) with pkg-ng ?

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