Unable to connect to VPN after upgrade - no virtual IP found for %any6 request

  • pfSense was running an early version of 2.3.x (I don't recall the exact version) with a IPsec VPN for mobile clients. This was working fine for multiple clients (iOS, Mac, Windows 10).

    After upgrading to the latest 2.3, the IPsec VPN has stopped working for all clients. The following error is logged:

    no virtual IP found for %any6 requested by 'xxxxx'

    It seems like the clients are requesting an IPv6 address and only IPv4 addresses are available. But none of the clients changed, only pfSense.

    Any ideas? Thanks.

  • For anyone interested, I have solved the problem!

    I thought this was the last error message being logged before the client disconnected, however, due to an issue with my log server I just didn't see the rest of the logs.

    The issues was with RADIUS accounting. My RADIUS server was not accepting the accounting messages, so I just had to switch the server to authentication only.

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