How to configure PPPOE + DMZ with multi IPs

  • i have 4 static IPs from ISP and 3 interface on pfsense, i want do one interface will be WAN, second LAN, and third it going to DMZ
    my pfsense did to me: WAN, LAN, OPT1
    WAN = PPPOE connect (x.x.x.1)
    LAN = internal LAN (

    and now i try connect OPT1 to DMZ
    i did OPT1 as a static IPv4 and give him x.x.x.2 /31 range
    also added NAT 1:1 record and did Virtual IPs to x.x.x.2 and x.x.x.3
    and for test i open port in rules and in windows firewall for RDP and seems it not working
    also i did ping test in pfsense and i success do ping from OPT1, then it mean my ISP config all correct and i missing something.

    can someone tell me step by step how do it correct?
    my pfsense v2.3.2-RELEASE (i386) , FreeBSD 10.3-RELEASE-p5

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