Load-balancing 2 opevpn's in bridged mode?

  • hi

    I have 2 sites with 2 wan's on each site
    I setup pfsence to do wan load-balancing witch works well
    after this I setup 2 openvpn's on each site so that over each wan 1 goes 1 openvpn to the other site. after this I at loadbalincing simular like the wan loadbalacing over may 2 openvpn's conections witch seems to work.
    but now I want to change my tun's to tap's to create a bridge network. if I do this it looks like I can't use the loadbalacing over the 2 openvpn anymore on the server site. it looks more like I creaded a loop now and I have problems reaching the other site.

    so may question can I use load-balancing over 2 openvpn's in bridge mode?

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