WAN NETGEAR LB1110 4G LTE Bridge mode

  • Hi All,

    Little help would be great,

    Because internet ADSL / Fibre is not that great in my area I have the following setup.

    WAN (DHCP MODE)(NETGEAR LB1110-100EUS 4G LTE) >> PFSENSE ( Intel NUC ) >> Switch ( Netgear)

    I have the WAN Device setup in bridge mode so Pfsense is presented with the external IP, all is working apart from when my WAN IP address change. I have to manually go into interfaces on pfsense and do a release and renew.



  • How is the WAN address assigned?  Normally, DHCP is used.

  • Wan is set up as DHCP, was unsure if I need to spoof the MAC tho?

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