Pfsense default gateway intermittently getting down

  • Hii All,

    I am using pfsense firewall and captive portal services enable with it.  WAN port of pfsense is  connected to Huawei ONT.

    WAN interface is getting IP ( via dhcp, enabled on ONT(

    LAN interface is running on . My default gateway( is getting down intermittently and pinging to default gateway is also

    getting failed. After rebooting pfsense it resumes but again after some time it is getting down.

    After checking of system logs:-

    Gateway logs : - dpinger  WAN sendto error: 64

    and ping to is also failed.

    My NAT is having Auto Outbound setting.

    Firewall is having no rules except for default : Allow to everyone

    Any help would be greatly appreciated !!!

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