OpenVPN to LAN subnet partially working

  • Hi, I'm trying to make an Open VPN access to allow multiple remote users to access LAN subnet and, mainly, work with remote IPSEC VPN.

    My setup:
    LAN-–--WAN--->Internet<----OpenVPN Remote Cli-
                |                                          |
                  --IPSEC VPN srvr

    This is the OpenVPN server configuration:
    Remote Access (SSL/TLS + User Auth)
    interface: WAN
    local port: 1194
    IPv4 Tunnel Network:
    IPv4 Local Network:

    With this setup I'm able to establish OpenVPN connection and ping the lan subnet from two clients but I'm not able to ping the remote IPSec server in any way.
    In the firewall rules I don't see any block, I see PASS from source (the first address assigned to remote OpenVPN client) to remote server I'm pinging

    I also tried
    IPv4 Tunnel Network:
    IPv4 Local Network:

    but in this case only the first connected client is able to ping only the pfsense lan address and the remote IPsec server.

    It's obvious that I'm missing something but I'm really new and don't know exactly how to configure it.

    Maybe I can keep this configuration:
    IPv4 Tunnel Network:
    IPv4 Local Network:

    and add a phase2 to IPSec Client (and server but I'll have to ask cause I'm not managing it) with as local subnet.

    Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks

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