Pfsense Virgin - Ftp Port Forwarding Issues

  • Pfsense Virgin, I am switching from my personal Netgear Pro-Secure UTM 150 firewall – EOL.
    Installed pfsense v 2.4.2 latest release (amd64) on the current hardware: (spare hardware)

    HP ProLiant DL320e Gen8 v2
    • Intel Xeon CPU E3-1220 v3 @ 3.10Ghz
    • 16GB of ECC RAM
    • Dual Pro Samsung SSD’s  (None RAID)
    • (2) 1 Gbps on board NICs (Using for WAN1 / WAN2)
    • (4) 1 Gbps Intel NIC card install (Using for LAN1-LAN4)
    I KNOW OVER KILL!!! – Great Deal for some freelance work

    First, installation and learning curve went very well without any issues setting up WAN1 ISP gateway with a block of 5 static IPs using Virtual IPs. (Few Hours…)

    Second, setup remote gateways for remote login for (VNC) outside my network to Static IP computers (Port Forwarding)

    Third, I setup a DMZ on LAN4 for wireless APs and (2) WIFI Webcams with static IPs (Port Forwarding) – few hours learning curve.

    Nonetheless, I must have been lucky as a one handed and one-eyed man in a hacking contest up to this point trying to setup my simple FTP port forwarding… I been working on this for days. The learning curve from all the above on port forwarding is not shining a light… Note: I am trying to mirror my working Netgear setup without any changes until I can learn more advance pfsense skills.

    Currently, I have port forwarding FTP port 21 setup for two different FTP servers which neither one is working…
    • WAN1
    • TCP
    • Destination Public Port (Static WAN IP)
    • Destination port range (FTP – FTP)
    • Redirect target IP (LAN Static Server Port)
    • Redirect Target Port (FTP)

    PfSense is running circles around all of the routers I have use in the last 15 years – this software is Astonishing in Speed and Capabilities! – Put New Life into an Old Network!

    Can some pfsense expert assist me with some insight on how to setup my ftp services?

    Data Pimp

  • Galactic Empire

    Try SFTP rather than FTP.

  • Banned

    The sticky is right at the top of this board, use your eyes and brain:

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