Logging Everything in "Allow All" setup

  • Hi there

    Due to a catastrophic hardware failure forcing me to replace everything, I am looking to move over from Smoothwall Express (as it won't install on the newer hardware).  I am trying to recreate the setup I had.

    A little background:  We have 5 apartments that we provide fully furnished and with internet access. Each room has it's own Wifi router that the renter is provided access to.  Each wifi router is wired to a central switch, which in turn is connected to the server.  The server connects out through a DSL router.

    What I need to achieve, is an archive of log files that reflect all activity from each wifi routers WAN port.  With Smoothwall, I had a rule to allow everything and log everything.  The log would provide Source IP (router WAN IP), Destination IP/URL and date/time.  The logs were backed up to a remote FTP server and cleared out weekly.

    We grant unrestricted outbound access to the users and this is required to allow us to pass on the occasional and inevitable "You downloaded a thing, pay us" letters that lawyers like to send out when people have been a little bit naughty…

    Is this a setup I can recreate on pfsense?

    Many thanks in advance

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