Upgrade from 2.4.1 to 2.4.2 results in Single User mode at every boot

  • Howdy all,

    Appreciate a little assistance here. I have a new box I've testing and getting ready to move in to replace my current primary box.


    HP ProDesk 600 G1, Intel i5 4950 CPU, 8GB RAM, 60GB SSD

    I started by installing 2.4.0, using ZFS, onto the single SSD in the system. I imported my old config, made some tweaks, etc. All was well until I did the upgrade to 2.4.2 via the WebGUI. Now, every time I reboot, it drops me into single use mode.

    The only way to get it to successfully boot into multi-user mode is by doing the following:

    When booting, press space bar at the pfsense boot-loader screen. Then press 7 (select boot env), note the Active line is blank. Press 4, after some errors, the Active line should populate. Hit backspace, then 1 or enter to boot. The system will then boot normally.

    Also of note, was that before the boot-loader screen, I get an error saying vidconsole is not a valid option. I did figure out how to change that, but thought it might be relevant… or maybe not..

    I'm a complete pleb when it comes to FreeBSD and troubleshooting this stuff. Since this is a test box, I'd like to make this a teachable moment. I'd rather try to fix this than just wipe and reinstall.


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    What errors does it show before dropping you to single user mode?

    To make sure it isn't something stuck from nextboot, try running this once you have it up and running:

    nextboot -D

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