Connection to Unraid being refused

  • Hey all,

    First and foremost I'm not sure if this is an issue with my pfsense router or my unraid server.  I had everything working flawlessly for months and I ended up unplugging everything and moving.  Made very careful to plug everything back in the same way, Wan to modem, lan 1 to same router, lan 2 to other router, etc.  When I type in static ip, showing online) it says connection refused via the browser, chrome, iphone, IE, etc.  I'm able to ping it without any issue with no loss.  I'm able to login the unraid server directly and see that it is picking up the ip address as well.  To rule out the unraid server I did setup a new thumb drive with one dummy drive (ejected the rest of my disks from their hot swap bays) and allowed it to boot up.  Unable to connect to it as well.

    I'm unable to connect to my plex server as well so it doesn't appear anything is getting out either.

    I've got the default allow any rules in my firewall, also have access rules set between lan 1 and lan 2 with vice versa as well.  Port forwarding set for 32400 from static ip of plex server for outside network plex access.

    I doubt anything is wrong here as it's been working but I'm trying everything at this point.  Thanks in advance for the help.

  • i had this issue with my unraid plex server , i had to change privilege on - off and off - on , also bridge to host or host to bridge till it works

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