IPSec Mobile Client - Different Firewall Rules for Different Users

  • Hi,
    we have now setup our first PfSense Box, and running IKEv2 / EAP-TLS VPN Setup for our RoadWarriors.
    Since we have multiple people accessing the Network from Outside, we would like to give the Mobile Clients distinct grants/firewall rules:

    Admins access to Everything
    Developers access to Net and
    Support access to Host

    So what i thought about:

    1. We only have one Firewall connected to the WAN.
    2. As far as i see, we can only configure one "Mobile Client" VPN Tunnel (P1).
    3. We can add more Phase 2 to this Tunnel, but in Phase 2 Settings - while able to define the "Local Network", i did not find any options to force a specific user to a differnt phase.
    4. In the Firewall-Rules, i can not find any option to set Firewall-Rules based on the VPN user.

    Did i miss something?
    Or is this usecase so special, that it's not possible to run this on PfSense. I guess the Usecase is not so special, so how do other people handle this kind of stuff? :)

    Hope to finally find some help and fix my remaining vpn issues :-)

  • Galactic Empire

    You'll need to use freeradius for user auth and hand out specific IP addresses to each user..

    I hand out for my own use, allowing me to access the internet + all my local LANS and  to friends so they can use UK based TV services when abroad, etc …


    A typical user looks like this :-

    "andy" Cleartext-Password := "XXXXXXXXX", Simultaneous-Use := "1"

    Framed-IP-Address =,
    Framed-IP-Netmask =,
    Framed-Route = " 1"

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