Accessing internal net with virtual IP via openVPN

  • Hi,

    I have the following setup. An VM (which I cannot manage. so hardware is fixed) with one NIC (with public IP). Formerly I used an Ubuntu VM for accessing some web interfaces with static IPs. To do so, I assinging two IPs to the one NIC. I tunneled via X2go into the VM and access the web interfaces via browser … as you can see: not a elegant solution.
    Thats why I want to use pfSense: It should do two things.

    • Giving me access to the machines with static IP (lets call that the internal net) via OpenVPN

    • serve as a gateway to the internet for the internal net (this is secondary)

    I already configured openVPN and I can establish a connection. I also created a CARP IP. I can access the web interface via this IP. I can ping the machines in the internal net from the VM console via shell but I cannot access or ping this machines via openVPN.

    Thing I want to do:

    • access the internal net ( via openVPN (

    • close the webcfg access via public IP but leave ip open via virtual IP

    • make pfsense acting as a gateway for the internal net

    virtual IP is

    I know thats a lot. But I really hope you can help me.

    Please feel freee to move this topic to another sub forum.

    best regards

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