• Unfortunately, I'm not yet familiar enough with BSD / pfSense (tho loving what I see's…) to do much in the way of troubleshooting, at this point.  Learning quickly, however...

    Anyhow, here's my trouble...  I am easily able to add an account (home.domain.com) for my first WAN, and all's golden.  As soon, however, as I add the second account (home2.domain.com) for the 2nd WAN, and click save, the whole system seems to lock up, to some great extent.  Although it continues to pass traffic thru it, the page just sits (for several minutes, no progress shown), can't load up any other of it's pages in other windows (such as dashboard), and so far, the only way I've been able to recover it is to reinstall from scratch...  Oh yeah, it also hangs upon reboot, at the 'Updating dynamic DNS...' or some such thing...  Won't boot past it.  Can't even, at that point (I probably just don't know how...), reset to defaults, without using the CD...

    Running newest version as of around 2 hours ago, on a Netserver e60, 7 NIC's of various makes, dual PII-450's, 512M ECC, etc...



  • Retry next snap.

  • Adding a dyndns entry to secondery wan connection doesn´t work.

    I am using a build dated 18 december.


  • It is the same issue or something different?

  • As far as I can see it is the same issue. But there is no need to have an entry for the first wan connection. As soon as I enter an entry for the second wan it behaves much the same as in the first posters case. I am able to reboot and reload the saved config and thats getting me back to a stable state.

  • Although I had not had time to repost, I've consistently had this issue, without interruption.  Any addition of a second dyndns account, and upon save / apply, it hangs for as much as 5 minutes.  If I wait it out, things are stable, but the second account seems to supersede the first, and both accounts get updated with second account's IP.  This, BTW, is using Custom DNS, with my own domain, registered with dyndns…

    Also, subsequent reboots give the same hang, 3-5 minutes, once hitting the ...updating dynamic DNS... point in boot process.

    Removal of the second account fixes issue at both ends.

  • Hmmm…  I may have been incorrect, in what I see to be happening...

    I've just finished up a fresh reload, and upgraded to the "Fri Dec 19 16:50:07 EST 2008" snapshot.  Set up my basics manually, rather than restoring configs.  Also, for the sake of eliminating other common factors, switched WAN1 (dynamic public IP) and WAN2 (static IP).

    I've, just in the last few minutes, attempted to set up my FIRST DynDNS account, for WAN2 iface.  No others have been created, removed, edited, etc.  It hung, just as second accounts had in the previous attempts.

    Wondering now, if it has more to do with which iface the account is attached?  Doesn't seem to like anything other than initially created WAN??

  • Try next snapshot.

  • Using snapshot 2.0-ALPHA-ALPHA built on Fri Dec 26 18:51:46 EST 2008 FreeBSD 7.1-RC2

    It behaves much the same. Adding a Dynamic DNS entry for the second WAN halts the GUI to a standstill. During boot it hangs on DynDNS clients with no access to the GUI.

  • And still, today, running newest snapshot…  None other than the basic changes made to settings, multi-WAN set up correctly, and first dyndns account created for the OPT1 iface, gui has hung now for over 3 minutes, and I'm still waiting...

    Finally did get it done, 5 minutes, 28 seconds...  Not sure if the update succeeded, as my dyndns host still reflects the same IP as it did (as it should)...

    built on Sat Mar 14 05:11:44 EDT 2009
    FreeBSD 7.1-RELEASE-p3

    edit:  Added version details and results...