Sharing a usb printer over different networks

  • Having a great time with pfsense, jumped in and installed ESXI 6.5 VMware and PFSense  3 days ago - both are new to me and well…what great products to tinker with.

    My setup:
    ESXI host sitting on edge of network
    3 physical NIC = 1 WAN (the only pass through from ESXI), 1x LAN, 1x OPT1
    Basically I have a windows7 box on OPT1 ( and want to be able to share its USB printer and also one of its drives with the other network (LAN)
    I have a fresh pfsense install, everything works fine, no rules have been changed.

    Q:If I want my windows 10 pc from to access the windows 7 machine for the above purposes  - how would I go about doing it ( is it adjusting the firewall rules?).  I assume then that security is marginally impacted as you have opened up a path between interfaces?  My network knowledge is basic sorry.

    Many thanks

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    Comes down to what method of sharing your your going to use.. Just simple windows sharing of the printer SMB? or IPP, or 9100 which is common jetdirect port.

    But yes you would need firewall rule to allow whatever port/protocol you use to access the shared printer.  From a security point of view this normally not all that bad of thing - you limit who has access to the printer, and its just a printer.

    Is your printer not able to just direct connect to the network via wire or wireless.. USB printers are pretty old school if you ask me..  Even your $70 throw away inkjets come with wifi normally these days.

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