Port forwarding issues

  • i have dual wan , and i set up port forwarding to a server and sumtimes it works some times it dont i use a port open checker on both ips both say closed im trying to host ts on unraid server ( i have few other servers running like plex ) and all port forwarding works but ts server ports wont open not just team speak just random docker and computer ( octopi web interface ) so frustrating

    any ideas where to start

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    "any ideas where to start"


    And where are you seeing the issue in the above steps?

  • im on number 4. , i had a read through all this before i posted but that some nat forwarding works and sum dont all in the same server is what im trying to find , im about to start testing in logs to see whats happening

  • Post a description of exactly what you're trying to do (example, I'm trying to forward port 1234/tcp and ports 4000-6000/udp to server at LAN address 10.x.y.z blah blah blah) and include screenshots of your port forwards and WAN firewall rules.

    My initial guess would be either you're missing some ports in your NAT definitions, or ts requires static ports outbound.  I don't have the time now to look into that.

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