I don't know the antivirus has start?

  • Hi,
    I has installed pfsense 1.0 beta4.
    I have install antivirus packages.
    But when I installed.
    I click service function.
    I see antivirus show X logo.
    Is it mean not start status?
    And I click start button.
    It show clamav has started.
    But I still see X logo.
    Is it really started?

  • The current ClamAV package was created specifically for use with HAVP.  HAVP does not require the clamav daemon to run and so no effort has been put into setting up and running the clamav daemon.  Also, please understand that installing the ClamAV package by itself does absolutely nothing, so unless you install HAVP (or write another package to take advantage of ClamAV) you get no benefit from having the package installed.

  • Hi,
    When I go to "Service"–>"Clamav"
    The page show a follow error:
    Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /usr/local/www/pkg_edit.php on line 326
    How I to do?
    Thanks a lot.

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