Run firefox through squid with AV

  • hi all,

    i know pfsense can do this by installing packages like squid for the proxy but what about if they open a website/file that contains a virus, i want the proxy to block this straight away so it prevents viruses/trojans on there pc, which could treakle down on the network and infect other machines

    i want to make a centos and implement this on this rather than on the pfsense firewall

    can any help me please

    many thanks,


  • gave up installing a standalone proxy server with real time AV checking for http traffic ie squidclamav

    instead i did it the easy way and that was to install squid on my pfsense firewall, once installed went to "services > squid proxy server" and enabled -

    under the general tab - squid proxy service also the transparent http proxy

    under the antivirus tab - AV

    once did that when i go to this site -

    when i click on the zip link it straight away takes me to my pfsense firewall squid page -

    i will try and install a seperate server for this if when i have time but this is by far the easy way to do it i found

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