Why isn't there a nanoBSD for 2.4.1/2.4.2?

  • Just wondering why there isn't a nanoBSD version for 2.4.x?  I wanted to install using a SSD and I thought the best way to do that was to use the nanoBSD version but it's not available for the latest releases.  What am I missing here?



  • NanoBSD has outlived its usefulness and it was becoming a maintenance hurdle for the development team.  Smaller SSDs are cheap and reliable enough now to be used in place of the old style flash media and there are other solutions like eMMC flash where NanoBSD is not needed for reliability.

    Just use the full version on your SSD, pfSense will turn on TRIM automatically and on top of that if you don't fill the disk completely you'll never run into problems with write cycles on your SSD.

  • ^ that and from the 2.4 branche onwards images are 64-bit only.
    If you need to update a 32-bit only device then use version 2.3.5 which is maintained a bit longer for this reason.

  • Thanks for setting me straight!!!


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