2.4.2 update broke DHCPv6 lease list and/or reservations?

  • After installing 2.4.2 update I have discovered that the client machines (Mac and Linux) are not getting their statically mapped addresses. The DHCPv6 Leases list does not show any dynamic leases, though all client machines have valid IPv6 addresses, just not the statically mapped ones. Is it the same for everyone or just me?

    /var/dhcpd/var/db/dhcpd6.leases file shows that the leases are actually handed out, but the GUI does not show them. As it does not show, it is hard to tell if DUID interpretation in the new pfSense update somehow changed. I am not sure how to translate the string like \000\000\000\000\000\001\000\001!\263\007\334\250 fOf\201 in the leases table to the reservation format DUID-LLT - ETH – TIME --- ---- address ---- xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx, which pfSense wants. Can anyone advise?

    (Update) Apparently DUID interpretation somehow changed in pfSense. Just found out how to translate "ia-na" strings in dhcpd6.leases to the DUID format, which pfSense expects. If anyone interested, it goes like this. The string is in ASCII format, where the unprintable characters are replaced by their octal representation. For instance, \334 stands for DC in hexadecimal. Since the target is a hexadecimal string, all that is needed is to convert all characters and all octals into hexadecimals and take off first four. The remaining string is what pfSense expects. I did this conversion for a couple of clients and reservation for them started working. Of course, it would have been nice to avoid the whole computation by looking them up in the list of dynamic leases, but, as I said, it is probably broken.

  • Strange, mine does. However I am running 2.4.3.

  • False alarm with changing DUIDs. OS upgrade would do that. But the dynamic leases are indeed not showing for me. Will see if 2.4.3 fixes it.

  • There's a known issue with the DHCPv6 lease list not working right… Bug 7413

    It's been kicked down the road a couple of versions now, since at least 2.4.0… hopefully it gets fixed soon.

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