2.42 won't work after install

  • Installing a fresh image onto a Esxi virtual machine. Two network connections.

    Install goes fine and shows a DHCP connection for the WAN side of It is where I expect it to be. Shows a LAN connection on the em1 of which is the default.

    I connect to the LAN side using a machine at and connection is fine. Step through the wizard and only changes made are to set the WAN to static IP of and to turn off the bogon rules as this is just a test at present on a local network. All good so far.
    Hit the reload button and it reloads and gives me the status page with 3 spinning cogs. Usually 1 or two populate with data but the 3rd never does. It then stops responding and will time out and say the site is unreachable. If I try to login again from anywhere else I get nothing.

    Using the pfTop from the shell shows that there is connections going in/out but it appears the firewall is blocking access to the web interface for whatever reason.
    I have watched a couple of uTube videos of installs of 2.4 and followed then exactly and the utube video logs in fine but mine rejects me after a few seconds.

    I did not have this issue when I installed the 2.35 version.

    Any help greatfully received.

  • Okay I have managed to get it going but had to jump through some hoops to do it. Still don't know why though.

    Had to set the WAN as and LAN as Was then able to login to the web configurator okay from

    Set up the firewall to pass everything on both LAN & WAN for a start. Then set the WAN IP to It complained it overlapped so went to the shell and entered option 2 and changed the WAN IP there. I then reset the LAN IP to and rebooted the pfsense machine.

    I was then able to login to the web configurator via and all was okay.

    Not sure what was going on as the 2.3 version installed easily with no issues.

  • @veldthui:

    ….. and LAN as /..... Then set the WAN IP to It complained .....

    Compare this situation as a crossroad with heavy traffic, and all traffic lights go green at the same time.

    But, you're right. 2.4.2 won't work doing such things.

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