Jetway NC92-230-LF w/ AD3RTLANP or AD3RTLANG supported?

  • Good day, recently I started looking into building a new router/firewall that would support multi wans for work. My search lead me here to pfSense which met all the criteria set for this project and I reported back to my boss that this looked to be the way we should more then likely go. Shortly after however unannounced to me my boss ordered an Jetway NC92-230-LF ( board with the AD3RTLANP ( add-on module to use with pfSence. Thus far I have been unable to get the system he ordered working and thought I could post up and see if anyone else has some suggestions or experience with this hardware.

    The board uses a Realtek RTL8111C PCI-E Gigabit Ethernet LAN which works fine under pfSense's flavor of FreeBSD.

    That said the add-on module uses Realtek RTL8100C 10/100 which I believe is an older chipset but I am unable to get any joy under pfSense with this module. I've scoured the forums and been unable to find any real info on this chipset being used with pfSense other then it being mentioned and assumed working.

    (Ideally I would just send everything back and find a system to use that would allow us to make use of some server grade Intel nics but I said I would see what I can do with this hardware for my boss.  ::) )

    There is another module that Jetway makes, the AD3RTLANG which is a gigabit chip using the Realtek RTL8110S chipset.

    Does anyone have any exp that might aid me? My searches while useful didn't really lead me to any answers and as they were last touched back in July but none the less I hope that I can get something going. Thanks in advance for checking this thread.


  • I can't comment on the NC92-230-LF but I have a Jetway 627-FWE motherboard with a ADR1RTLANP daughter board (the single port variant of the daughter board you are using) and it has been giving satisfactory service running pfSense 1.2 and various flavours of 1.2.1 for at least 8 months now.

    Since you wrote that the on-board LAN works fine under pfSense and you are unable to get any joy with the daughterboard module I'll assume you have installed pfSense and can at least access the system over the network through the motherboard NIC. Please give more detail on the problem with the module: are the 3 daughterboard NICs recognised and reported at startup? Can you see them in pfSense (ssh into the box and type ifconfig command at the shell prompt, you should see rl0, rl1 and rl2 reported.)

    Generally, if you can complete the sentence "I did … and I saw ... but I expected to see ..." it is rather more informative than "didn't work" or "unable to get any joy".

  • It's been our experience to stay as far away from the Jetway boards (including the Realtek nics) as possible.

  • I agree with rockbochs.  I have a jetway j7f4e1g2 with onboard realtek lan cards.  I to have had my fair share of problems.  You asked about the realtek 8110 series gigabit lan card which is the NIC my board has.  STAY FAR AWAY FROM THIS CHIP!!!!  The driver is not supported under the current build of any router software out there including pfsense, ipcop, and smoothwall unless something has changed in the past 3 months.  I solved my problem by getting a 4 port dlink 10/100 pci lan card.  Furthermore, my jetway board died after 6 months in service while on an APC UPS.  I'm currently testing jetway's tech support and RMA service.  Lets just say I'm not holding my breath.  My advice would be to exchange it while you can.

    The board I'm currently looking at is the MSI IM-945GSE-A.  It isn't out yet but should be with in the month.  I have a slight worry about the on board network card but it should be supported.  There is a gentlemen who has one on order and should give us a shout when he has news on how it handles pfsense.  If your intrested in his report, check out this thread.,13098.0.html

    Good luck,

  • I have the Jetway NC92-230-LF and AD3RTLANP works perfect with PfSense-1.2.1 (freeBSD 7.0)
    PfSense-1.2 would not detect the gigabit NIC on the motherboard.

    I would double check that the card was seated an all the header pins
    and was pushed all the way seated. IIRC I was a little uncomfortable
    with the amount of force required to seat the card all the way on the
    header pins. and you could easly miss a few pins when installing the
    card and not know it.

  • I am thinking of getting one of these too.  Newegg got em as a complete package:

    I don't have plans to use the on-board NIC other than admin if necessary cuz I have the 4 port D-Link card.

    Although I'd be curious about JetWay's wireless addon.  Does it work with PFSense V1.2.1?

  • hi i wonder if you got the gigabit working or not working ? i have to say that it is a good idea to use it but if it not working it is a bad one. hope any one can help.

  • Flawless w/daughterboards…
    (Jetway NC92-330-LF Dual Core Atom Mini-ITX Mainboard)

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