Testing packages

  • Any advice on how to test I've packaged something completely if it's not possible to do a local install? I don't particularly want to be uploading packages with untested install procedures.

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    If you have a FreeBSD box where you're developing the pkg portion of things, you can "make package" there and then copy the resulting pkg file to the target firewall, then "pkg add blah-123.txz" and it should work the same as if it was pulled remotely. If that package depends on other packages you'll need to make packages for those and copy them as well. As long as all the txz files end up on the target box it will use them if it needs them.

  • the package seems to install ok but the changes are not made to the UI (i.e the page isn't added) and it seems the defined install routine isn't run. Is this because I haven't coded them right or because the pkg add command doesn't process those instructions?

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    When the package is made properly, the pkg add will perform the exact same install procedure as the GUI would.

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