LAN Connection lost

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    I am running a Watchguard 550e with 1 LAN and 2 WAN connection on pfsense 2.3.5.

    WAN1 = ADSL
    WAN2 = 4G
    These 2 are load balanced in a 1:6 and an overflow from WAN2 to WAN1

    Sometimes I simply loose the LAN connection, doing nothing special, just browsing from a client. After disconnecting the UTP-connectors and connecting them again in the Watchguard the LAN is up again.

    Any idea why the LAN-connection is lost and why I have to uplug an plug in the UTP connectors back in the Watchguard?

    BTW, I am rather new to pfsense...

    Update 1:
    I switched the firewall in de 4G router off and I optimized the MTU. Maybe the WAN1 interface is taking the LAN down. Lets see what the impact is....

    Update 2:
    That wasn't....
    I was running SNORT and CLAMAV, maybe the box is just too light for this kind of operations, I deinstalled SNORT and turned CLAMAV off. I am wondering it gets stable now.

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