One wireless AP with two VLAN's and pfsense?

  • Hello first of all I have little experience with networking and 0 experience with pfSense, so if anything I say sounds confusing then it's probably because I'm confused.

    Ok so I've ordered an SG-3100 + a Ubiquiti UniFi AP AC LR, and I've been playing with the thought of having two wireless networks broadcasted by the AP where one of them connects you to VPN and the other without VPN. I see that the AP supports VLAN, so I'm thinking hmm, will my SG-3100 differentiate between two VLAN's in my wireless AP? Can I do what I want to do?

    Also, kind of a separate question but if one person is using VPN on the device, let's say he is maxing out the VPN bandwidth capabilities of it at 100mbps on a 1gbps connection, will another user who is not using VPN suffer greatly too in terms of bandwidth?

    Any thoughts or tips greatly appreciated

  • VLANs and multiple SSIDs work fine.  Also, one person can't hog all the bandwidth.  The WiFi protocol prevents that from happening.  The bandwidth will be shared between the 2.  While Wifi is a bit more complex, think of how the old half duplex Ethernet with a hub or coax connection worked.  Everyone has an equal shot at access and mechanisms are in place to avoid collisions.  So, the bandwidth will be shared as appropriate.

  • Thank you JKnott that helps a lot! However I probably should've been more clear about the second question, I meant to ask from a general perspective on the router and not necessarily from WiFi perspective. So let's say the same scenario but both users are connected to the router by cable, and one person is capping the router's VPN capabilities at 100mbps, I assume this would mean that the router would be under heavy CPU load and thus it would affect the second user who isn't using VPN?

  • ^^^^
    That's impossible to answer without knowing the hardware.  I suppose really anemic hardware might have problems.

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