SG-1000 OpenVPN

  • Hi peeps.
    Just been doing some iPerf3 testing over OpenVPN between a MacBook & Windows 10.    Firstly, yes I know OpenVPN is generally slow on SG-1000, but that's not my issue.  This box will only be used for backup remote CLI access on a customer site when their regular router is not available.

    Doing iPerf direct on local LAN gives me just under 900Mbps in either direction, which is fine given I'm using basic Netgear unmanaged switches.

    Then I configured OpenVPN remote access using the wizards and standard settings for encryption.

    Next I connected the MacBook to the SG-1000 LAN, and the WAN to my local network.  Connectivity is between windows running 2.4 Openvpn client to the Mac behind the SG-1000.  In this scenario I get 15Mbps from Windows –> Mac, but from Mac --> Windows shows 95Mbps.

    I had assumed SG-1000 OpenVPN would be 15Mbps in both directions ??


  • oops.  posted in HW instead of Official HW.  Please move this thread.

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