Error: Bump flowset buckets to 64 (was 0)

  • Hello forum,

    I have a problem with my password 2.0.1 (i386) when booting, it throws an error "Bump flowset buckets to 64 (it was 0.) As it does not start nor do I have red nor vpn if anyone knows about this problem I thanked them.

    PS: this error started after a blackout occurred in our office.

    Waiting for your comments.


  • @emeza:

    Waiting for your comments.

    Stop waiting.
    A reply will probably not come because no one - except you - is using a pfSEnse version that is that old.
    Your last chance : Google has a good and huge memory.

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    "Waiting for your comments."

    I have a comment - use something that is current and supported..  2.0.1 released end of 2011, shoot its not even the latest version in that line. 2.0.3 was..  The version of freebsd it was on 8.1 was EOL July 31, 2012..

    The OLDEST pfsense you could be running is 2.2.6, with even the resemblance somewhat close to being in the area of dragging your feet..

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