Bridging data centers

  • We are moving to a new data center now.

    We have a pfSense box at the old data center (2.2.6) and another in the new center (2.4.2).

    Both sides will have the same LAN subnets.
    We want to bridge a few of the LAN subnets for the purpose of the migration.

    So it look like this:

    Old center LAN – 192.168.20.xx bridged to New center LAN.
    Old center NAT_LAN 192.168.30.xx bridged to new center NAT_LAN

    So currently we have a server using IP, we want to move that to the new data center and make it appear on the old data center LAN.
    We do not have any available interfaces on the firewalls.

    Is there a way to do this?
    If yes, please post up some suggestions.

  • You might try OpenVPN with a TAP interface, rather than TUN, as described here:

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